The Company

EdTech Interactive Company Limited (ETI) is established in 2019 at Cyberport, Hong Kong by core members from Hidden Boss Limited, as they recognize the necessity and feel responsible for offering quality education for our kids. With years of relevant experience, they believe this is achievable by applying brand new digital technologies and tools.

The company now aims to provide education products & solutions enhanced by Gamification & ArtTech for schools and learning centres.

Our flagship product STEM City is an e-learning tool project endorsed by Cyberport Incubation Programme which targets happy learning.

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Our Products & Services


With the help of several primary schools and universities, we develop this tailor-made mobile e-learning tool for primary schools.

Gamification is applied to encourage students to learn through playing quiz and collecting rewards.

We are also testing big data analytics in this project to provide valuable information to school teachers and researchers.


Interactive Ebook Production

Every school has a large collection of books. To have easier access to these books, we help digitize all these books and generate extra values.

Inspired by Japanese visual novels, our interactive e-books are well designed for big story structure and can combine with music or even video. Readers can make decisions to change the flow & ending of the story.

Reading & playing at the same time!


AR Learning Cards

We bring you the widely praised e-learning products from PlayCurio, Korea.

With the latest AR technology, learning could be more fun & encouraging.

The products cover various categories, from English learning to world map, animals & dinosaurs!


Our Team


Former game & web developers excel at combination of game elements & application of new AR/VR technology.


Experienced game artists master numerous styles of artwork to suit different markets.


Our design team dedicates to improving the UI & UX for our products which guarantee the best user experience.


As a member of the Cyberport community and have been in the industry for years, we have partners to offer extra support such as technical, marketing, research, etc.